#4. Get the Right Footy Boots for your Foot Shape

A foot that has stopped growing needs a boot that fits snugly without being too tight. Football boots do stretch more than other shoes. For growing feet, a little extra room is okay, but avoid going beyond 15mm from the longest toe to the end of the shoe.  

#3. Get the Right Footy Boots for Your Foot Movement

In addition to buying the right size and the right shape for your foot, you need to consider how your foot moves. The way the foot moves can be divided into three main categories: supinated/high arched, neutral/normal and pronated/flat footed.

I do mention longitudinal twist, if you pick up any shoes and try and wring it out like a towel, some twist better than others. A hiking boot as a very, very small twist. A thong has a very, very large twist.

#2. The Influence of Weather and Surfaces

In Australia, our pitches and fields vary significantly throughout the season and between clubs and towns. I remember driving 2 hours to play hockey on a very slippery clover grass filled field. I wish I had larger studs instead of hockey shoes in that situation.

#1. Caring for Your Boots

Perhaps if your name started with “J” and ended with “..ohnathan Thurston”, you could afford several pairs of footy boots over the season. Yes, I know, he gets sponsored so he doesn’t even have to pay for boots. But, for us weekend warriors, we must care for our shoes to keep them in their best working order to keep us safe and in peak form

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