Lipstick is that the very first thing that involves mind after we believe makeup. Adding color to the lips will create an enormous distinction to the options of your face.

A poorly chosen shade of lipstick will simply destroy your whole look. That’s why it’s important to choose a colour  lipstick  that suits you.

1. Determine your skintone

The terribly start in selecting the correct lipstick color is determinant what skin tone you have got. There area unit five main forms of skin complexion: honest, light, medium, tan, and deep.


The lipstick shades that typically look nice with honest or lightweight skin area unit lightweight pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colors.


Rose, berry, cherry red, and mauve lipstick colours look attractive on ladies with a medium skin tone.


Girls with a tan skin tone will completely rock coral, deep pink, bright red, and most other colors except for brown and purple shades.


Lipstick shades that suit a deep skin tone best area unit brown and purple shades like plum, caramel, wine, and blue-based reds.

2. Determine your skin undertone

Knowledge of you skin undertone will definitely help guide you. Basically, there are 3 types of undertones: cool, warm, and neutral.Cool undertones: honest or lightweight skin — soft mocha or nude; medium skin — pink or cranberry shades; tan or deep skin — ruby or wine shades.

Warm undertones: honest or lightweight skin — pale pink or smashing nudes; medium, tan or deep skin — copper or bronze shades. Neutral: wide spectrum of colours, both cool and warm tones.

3. Shape of your lips

Top significant lips: bright lipstick on the lowest of the lips and a rather darker shade of an equivalent color on the higher lip.

Bottom significant lips: any color that suits your undertone + a touch little bit of lightweight nude color right within the center of the higher lip. Asymmetrical lips: use a lip pencil during a shade like the lipstick color to stipulate the lips.

4. Size of the lips

Thin lips: avoid dark and flashy lipstick colours, they’ll solely create your lips look even diluent. Try applying glosses and creamy lipsticks.

Plump lips: avoid lipstick shades that area unit too lightweight and shiny, sparkling textures.

5. Hair color

Dark hair, honest and light-weight skin: bright pink, scarlet, cherry, and plum colors.

Blond hair, fair and light skin: dusty pink, purply pink, light pink, and scarlet colors.

Dark hair, tan and deep skin: golden beige, ochre, terracotta, and bronze colors.

Blond hair, tan and deep skin: caramel, ochre, warm pinks, and “salmon” pink.

Brown hair, medium skin: beige, “salmon” pink, corals, and deep dusty pinks.

Red hair, honest skin: “salmon” pink, corals, terracotta, and burnt earth color.

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