Tip 1: Just use your finger.

Sometimes you don’t have time to use a brush. There are several nights once I’m in an exceedingly hurry and simply find yourself victimization my fingers.

But there’s even a technique of using eye shadow for that. Using cream shadow rather than powder, either from a pencil or a pot, for a quick application.

Tip 2: Use your foundation as eye shadow.

This trick is one I’ve ne’er detected in my years as a beauty editor, and it’s awesome. Use foundation that is a couple shades darker than your skin tone on eyes.

If you’ve got honest skin, choose a product two shades darker, and darker skin tones can go even deeper to get a contrast.

Tip 3: Highlight your lids with a metallic shadow.

Highlighting your eyelids is very similar to highlighting your face. You want to use the a shiny, reflective color to the points that you want to bring attention to.

In this case, that’s the middle of the eyelids and the inner corners of the eye. Use small brush like the Mirror Oval 4 to strategically apply a shimmering color on top of any base shadow. its best to use a powder for highlighting the lids because cream can smear any shadow that’s already on the eye.

Tip 4: Use a small brush to get just the right amount of shadow on the lower lid.

Getting shadow within the tiny house of the lower lid will be a true pain. But once it’s done right, it really makes the eyes pop. You can use a similar quite spherical brush as you’d use within the crease to urge product on the brink of the lower lashline.

You can build the design even a lot of dramatic by adding a dark makeup within the water line of the lower lashes.

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