A mill machine is Associate in Nursing device that is employed to grind solid materials like grains and spices to a pulverized type. In India atta chakki price is reasonable as compared to other countries.

It has a small hopper in which the grain is poured. The poured grains reaches to the grinding chamber where the rotating blades crush them finely and evenly. It is a closed unit.


A stone flour mill is an open unit. It is generally used for commercial purposes. The base is called the bedstone and is kept stationary. Above the bedstone, there is a runner stone.

The runner rotates the stone on the bedstone and trash the grains. This mill works sort of a ancient mill.

It is only a refined form of a traditional flour mill. It is not safe at all as anyone can put their hand in between the rotating stones which can lead to serious accidents.


These type of flour mills are automatic flour mills. They work completely on their own. All you need to do is add grains in the hopper. After adding, it works on its and provides you with freshly ground flour.


It consists of 2 circular-shaped stones, with a hopper at the top. The grains area unit placed between the 2 circular-shaped rotating stones.

The upper stone rotates on the lower stone. The force exerted on the lower stone due to the rotation of upper stone crushes the grains placed between them. This flour mill takes a lot of time and energy. Also, the grains are not ground evenly and finely. It is an open unit.

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