what is foundation makeup– Foundation is strictly what its name suggests: the bottom upon that you’ll build your entire makeup look. ‘Foundation’ is associate degree umbrella term for a large type of product that fluctuate in texture, colour, and consistency.

To break it down simply, foundation is a cosmetic that’s applied to the whole face (and sometimes the neck, décolletage, and body) to provide an even finish to the skin. Each product is different, and it’s important to understand those differences so you can find the best match for you.


The first aspect of foundation is coverage, which refers to how much pigment is in the foundation. Highly pigmented formulas provide full coverage, whereas formulas with lower percentages of pigment fall somewhere in the sheer-to-medium coverage range.


The second aspect of foundation is formula. Foundations come in stick, liquid, cream, and powder form. Each type of makeup varies in coverage as well as staying power.

Generally, stick, liquid, and cream formulas range from sheer to quite opaque. Powder foundations, on the other hand, very rarely provide full coverage and generally need to be reapplied throughout the day.


The last piece of the foundation puzzle is finish. Most foundations are described as matte, radiant, glowing, natural, and so on.

Foundations that bear words such as ‘dewy’, ‘glowing,’ and ‘luminous’ on the package contain light-reflecting pigments and shimmer to give the skin a radiant finish. These foundations are better for those who want to make dull skin look healthier and more youthful.

Foundations that are meant to give the skin a natural finish are often described as ‘natural’ or ‘matte’ (shine-free) and rarely contain mica or other reflective ingredients. Matte- or natural-finish foundations look more like real skin, which makes them ideal for oily or combo-oily complexions.

Once you’ve decided what sort of coverage, formula, and finish you’d like, you’re well on your way to picking out the perfect makeup foundation for you. Check out the foundations on our site for some great options to suit your needs.